Strategies by Design offers a variety of management consulting services to meet your needs. We suggest starting with a current business assessment and strategic planning, but we are happy to jump in where you need us today. Below are several of the services our clients request most frequently.

Business Strategy

Utilizing a goal-driven approach to strategic planning, we offer companies and their strategy teams the support they need to work efficiently and effectively.

Financial Analysis & Management

Whether you’re building or repairing your business, our team can provide the objectivity you need to analyze your financials to help you make decisions and take a long-term view of your business.

Business Plans

We are experts at helping companies identify their value propositions. Our business planning services help clients develop a cohesive and sustainable growth plan for the long-term. 

Supply Chain & Operations

We focus on providing operational effectiveness in all facets of the business including: business and process flow, manufacturing, logistics, procurement optimization, and contract negotiation services. 



Our company can help with developing a comprehensive marketing strategy optimizing your target customers, channels, and branding via traditional marketing approaches (print advertising) as well as digital (social media and SEO).

Raising Capital

Our offerings include debt and equity financing advisory services whether it’s assembling your proposal to banks to open a line of credit or solidifying your investor pitches.

Organizational Development

We can provide guidance for change and team management, including restructuring, reporting structures, job descriptions, team development, and business process redesigns.